Carers Need to Take Time for Themselves.

Take a minute to enjoy the day. Sit still, warm yourself in the sunshine, feel the breeze, hear the birds, deep breathe, be at peace for a moment in your busy schedule.

I wrote the above after my morning cycle.The pictured lighthouse is at Bradley’s Head on the north shore of Sydney Harbour. I can leave home at 6.30am and return exercised before anyone misses me. Post cycle and cup of coffee I enjoyed a bowl of maple granola and set about my daily tasks. My daughter volunteers at Taronga Zoo on Friday’s, a wonderful opportunity for her back in the workplace and also an opportunity for me to have some time alone. 

Today I arranged to see a friend for tea at 12.30 pm, I’m also hoping to catch her daughter who is a whiz at all things bloggy. I wanted to ask a number of questions like “Categories”? I set off from home with my computer tucked under my arm heading happily up the road. Upon my arrival and the general chatter as the kettle was filled we looked at my infant blog. I announced that the blog wasn’t live yet and I wouldn’t launch it until it was fully loaded with information, tips and pictures. Suffice to say I was feeling slightly light-headed at this point but Sydney was enjoying a hot, late spring day so I dismissed any thoughts of nausea. My nausea turned into a faint and I had to sit then lie down on my friend’s sofa. The room was spinning as I fought to shake myself right. All the time my friend’s daughter is playing with the blog and advising me on layout, formatting colours and pictures. At this point I can own up to being perfectly normal, I’m not blogging, cooking organic suppers, driving to Dr appointments, Fit Ability/ Walk On in Lidcombe etc without enormous support from family and friends – I do not want to give the impression of a super techno carer woman. Anyway back to the kitchen scenario with me still fully reposed on the sofa with waves of nausea while the university aged children of my friend wander through for lunch tit-bits and pitching in on the blog site. Now I may be fighting nausea but I never lost the power of speech so I am enthusiastically gesticulating from the sofa and receiving instruction from the kitchen, there was a pause at this point as my young instructor ventured to her own computer and declares ecstatically “You are so live mate, your blog is up – live”

I would like to inform all readers that the blog is under development and my aim is to load as much information as quickly as possible so that the site fulfils my objectives. My objectives are simply to post information that I have found useful, phone numbers and links that can assist a carer in their daily activities. I aim to build up information so that carers can use the site as a reference when planning a trip out, a lunch or a holiday but I’m still prostrate on the couch in my friend’s kitchen.

Eventually I rally off my friend’s very good quality sofa and get back home, all thoughts of blogging are dismissed as I feel horrid and have worked out I have some food poisoning from an unknown source? This leads me to think:

  • Carers have to take care of themselves, luckily I had alone time today that allowed me to be sick for 5 hours.
  • Ironic that today I blog about me being cared for as opposed to me caring. Everyday carers need supportive family and friends for emergency illness, unexpected schedule changes and blog queries.
  • Go back to the top of the page, read and remember to take a moment to sit calmly and rest your circling thoughts, put down your mental baggage. Everyday carers need patience and peace of mind to give quality loving care to their dependant.

By the evening I was fully recovered and back into my full swing. Just so that I didn’t blog without mentioning the Beastie…..she threw up too!

Bradley's Head Lighthouse

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