Friendships are Special and Supportive

Silence ruled for a moment in our house.  Emily was reading the Wentworth Courier on her computer as her friend Lavinia was featured. The girls have been great pals since meeting at Sydney University. Last weekend Lavinia waved goodbye to sunny Sydney and traveled to the snow fields of the USA as she is an Australian Olympic ski team member competing in Slalom and Giant Slalom categories. Lavinia is preparing for the Winter Olympics being hosted in Sochi, Russia.

Emily called to me over her shoulder  “Have you seen this article?”

“No” I answer as I shimmy over, reading glasses perched on my nose to view the computer screen. Stunned silence as I read the article about Lavinia and her road to compete in the Olympics, representing her country, silence as my heart swells with emotion reading Lavinia’s generous inclusion of Emily in her interview.

Both these girls are inspirational as Lavinia is an Olympic athlete, determined, intelligent and strong. Emily, a quadriplegic, striving to resume her life as a wheelchair user, a new identity that is challenging her mentally and physically. Emily is working hard competing in the human race, representing disability.  A race that shows prejudice, discrimination and can be intolerant and ignorant towards any abnormality. Emily has to exude great inner strength to live, work and be accepted as an equal in her life long race. What these girls share is a friendship that is special and supportive. They share a love of life and stoic determination. I am passionately backing both to win their races.


Friendships are special and supportive