Running Up To Christmas – Remember The Best Things in Life Are Free!

11 days till Christmas, I can be overwhelmed by the commercialism of the season, so I like to take time and remember the best things in life are free.

I just take a moment to sit still, deep breathe, close my eyes and remember my priorities in the holiday season – family and friends. No-one visits me to talk to the turkey or sit reminiscing with my jolly reindeer decorations, visitors drop by to chat to me and enjoy the company.  I am looking forward to relishing the moments of togetherness as that is what I treasure and sometimes, somewhere in the frenetic preparation I forget the greatest joy is celebrating together.

I saw these agapanthus flowers on my morning walk, with my friend, and I can’t over emphasize the happiness that flowers instill in me – so as Christmas approaches I aim to take time to walk, deep breathe and enjoy the riches of nature that surround us all. Why not  – it’s free and jolly good fun!

Flowers White flowers Blue and white flowers

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