Not a dog blog but here’s a canine update…………

This is not a dog blog but just for the Beastie followers ………

Beastie, clearly seen in the photograph below, has recovered her upstanding, perky tail, she has returned to her waggy self albeit less furry duster and more ratty, pig tail. The appendage waggles robustiously which is a delight to witness. I am astonished how inseparable Beastie’s tail is in regard to her ability to communicate, with a splinted, motionless, wilted tail Beastie appeared lackluster and all her charisma evaporated. The enthusiastic, energetic wiggle-waggle of her shaved, bent but mending tail has brought all her personality back – her tail really is a reflection of her inner self and mood.

dog recovers after broken tail

Splinted tail of dog









If anyone was wondering about the gorgeously expensive, professionally applied, splint – Beastie is extremely proud to report that she removed it. I was taken aback when I realized the splint had miraculously disappeared, no tangible evidence of it ever existing until several days later a poo confirmed its whereabouts. 

Beastie is out and about on the street, not socializing in the park yet as too robust in her play, also she’s not allowed to swim and where is there that Beastie wouldn’t find the water? I am looking forward to seeing her gamble in the waves, maybe next week?

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