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I am new to blogging, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. As I investigate what information there is and how to use it, how to manage my interaction with the worldwide web (www) I discovered what to wear!

I was under the impression that I would blog and tweet and that carers would find me, follow me and interact, which largely happens, but the Twitter, Facebook potential is bigger than Ben-Hur, bigger and vastly more complex. I have come to realize that I actually need to interact with real people behind the logos and graphics so I contacted @IOMerinoApparel and it was perfectly obvious that we were destined to be friends, twitter friends, re-tweeters and enjoy virtual coffee while messaging each other.

The reason I like @IOMerinoApparel  is that Emily feels the cold, her temperature regulation is challenged and her skin fragile. These garments address temperature regulation / moisture wicking  and are super soft merino wool with no chaffing, I think the link to people with spinal cord injury can be robustly based on practical use and comfort.

The conversation expanded   “I/O Merino is high performing gear that can be carried into every day life. High performance fabrics shouldn’t be limited to the elite athlete!”

The fabric itself is made from 100% Australian merino using 140 yrs of research and development by the Michell family. All of our garments are naturally anti-microbial (no stink! means you can wear them for weeks and it won’t smell!), eco friendly, temperature regulating and warm when both wet and dry. This means they are perfect for sports, leisure or activities where you want to put your gear on and never think about it again- because it will work with you. In terms of layering up for warmth all our gear is designed to have staggered waist bands and neck lines so that you don’t end up with bulk. There are raglan sleeves on some of the base layer tops so that you don’t have shoulder seam chafe if you layer up or wear a backpack. So, start with undies- yes, undies made of wool as the perfect next-to-skin layer. The next layer out is our Vital Range. A ribbed top so that you trap warmth between the ribs – See here  Then add an Altitude long sleeve  – See here  and tights  – See here  The Altitude has 4% elastane in it to make sure it clings to the body to keep you toasty. You can then layer up from there. The 100% Merino hoodie called the Double Black Hoodie (men) or the Sumit Hoodie (women) is also the thickest 100% merino hoodie on the market. It’s pretty amazing. My fave items this season is the striped crop top – See here  The grey tee is my go-to weekend item  – See here  And the trackies are so comfy – See here  

We are also running a campaign at the moment to go in the draw to win $500 of gear, with a guaranteed 20% off voucher just for signing up to our mailing list.”

When I become aware of something I think is useful on the www I aim to share it. I think IOMerinoApparel is worth looking at as practical, functional and comfortable for everyone but also a realistic choice for people with immobility and temperature regulation issues i.e. Spinal Cord Injury.

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