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We visit SCIA Walk On program regularly as Emily finds their physio, exercise regime very beneficial.

The Walk On program reduces her spasms, increases her well-being, stretches her hip flexors as she’s manipulated into the standing frame; correcting her stance and rehabilitates her out of her wheelchair. Her program encourages her with appropriate goals and strength training. It is a positive environment with multiple levels of gain; all her visits are instructional, motivational, supportive and social.

 Walk On

Walk On Program

Emily at Walk On

The Walk On program is an excellent facility which is under the umbrella of Spinal Cord Injury Australia (SCIA). On SCIA’s website the program is introduced – ” Walk On is an individually designed intensive activity based rehabilitation program to assist a person with a spinal cord injury to improve and maximize their functional ability and lead a more independent life. The program involves intense, dynamic, weight-bearing exercises all performed out of the wheelchair one-on-one with a qualified Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist.’ 

Emily has several rehabilitation goals including being able to transfer (chair to bed, chair to car) with a slide board and re-position herself. Some goals have been paused while she recovers from the deltoid tendon to tricep surgery. The surgery has resulted in a working tricep but the immobility needed for this surgical success has impacted on Emily’s upper body strength. Three months after the surgery Emily is back working hard to recover her stamina and fitness. The Walk On program has reset her goals appropriately with a revised exercise routine.

Being involved with the Walk On program Emily has experienced improvement in her core strength as she sits with ease. Her walking frame use, both at home and at Walk On, has established that she has retained her hip reflexes, which initiate stepping forward, this is a useful reflex for the future when bionics come into play. Every reflex, sensory gain and all muscle strengthening is welcomed. Physical fitness is an essential component of health and well-being coupled with a healthy diet and lifestyle, the Walk On program assists Emily to consolidate her positive progress and motivates her to improve realistically.

Walk On nails

Another successful session completed with such a motivated team of young professionals. It is no wonder that Emily soaks up their energy and enjoys the lively banter between staff and clients. Emily recently received the SCIA Walk On program Fashionista Award because she wore heels to work out, actually a wardrobe error that morning but she is aiming to hold on tight to this accolade with her manicured hands and coordinated nail polish!!


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