Waiting room reading – my sleuth report…..

Today found Emily and I in a hospital waiting room, being a blogger and bored I decided to address the obvious; public area magazines. I undertook a swift impromptu investigation and can now initiate important timely debate.

I shouldn’t be surprised that the reading choices were National Geographic, Wheels and Time magazine, most volumes published pre 2000. I skulked around the display and concluded that MotorSport, Time magazine and National Geographic were the only publications that weren’t stolen so hence the heap of well-thumbed volumes on the rack. As I explained my initial findings to Emily she looked up excitedly “Oh – I like National Geographic, pass one to me!” Rolling my eyes as I thought she’d be more engaged in my sleuth report, I fetched the requested magazine and realised I was as intrigued as any person with no knowledge of anything auto can be and opened my copy of Wheels with a degree of quashed enthusiasm. “Ohhh, red car!”

I have attended clinics that captivate me while I wait with their offerings of OK, Cosmopolitan, Home and Garden. I was lulled into a superior waiting room experience as I mused what the celebrities are redecorating, eating and wearing. I flipped nonchalantly through pages of outdoor furniture that wouldn’t fit in my yard yet I still lingered and contemplated colours and cushions. In fact I found being ushered into the doctor slightly annoying as I hadn’t finished the article about Hugh Jackman.

But back to today, still in the waiting room, Emily had volumes of National Geographic to read, many editions featuring healthy glaciers in snowy, cold fjords prior to global warming! I enjoyed the Women’s magazine minus the recipe pages that had gone home with an earlier reader. I am delighted to report that in this frozen time zone much of my living room decor is in fashion. I retrospectively learnt about world events and Formula One motor sport. I have now been in this time warp long enough that I question anything printed recently, it’s probably old news freshened up for its second lap. Then it thwacked me like a rolled up newspaper – this is a waiting room ploy as I was so happy to see the doctor that I greeted her like a long-lost relative, such was my relief at being released from the holding pen circa 2000. Clever very clever!

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