Shine a light on what matters – trade stigma for shine – VOTE now for Emily !

Emily has entered a competition, with a wonderful photographer, please VOTE for their shots now – competition voting ends midday on Thursday 29th May 2014. The photographs with the most votes win through to the judged round so please share and gets family and friends to VOTE. The judged round wins the opportunity for a National campaign and a documentary to further our cause; Emily is able and successful everyday – trade stigma for shine!

To vote  – Join here

When you get your verification email then go to VOTE here

Search Sharron M for Emily’s two photographs or search Inspiration.

University Shot :

Trade stigma for shine!
“I study at University, volunteer at Taronga Zoo, take buses, trains, airplanes. I embrace social inclusion, I seek relationships, friendships, opportunities and my independence. I enjoy life”, Emily James.

Opera House Shot  – success at the top of the stairs:

Trade stigma for shine!
“See a wheelchair and wonder why? See me! My life has to be lived with resilience, strength, courage and grace. I don’t see the steps, I see the challenge, the opportunity to overcome, conquer and succeed”, Emily James.

Vote for both Emily’s images today – now!

Thank you – Emily and Rachel XX


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