Vote but what for……voting closes Thursday 29th May at midday (Australian time)

Everyone is passionate about something as shown on Wednesday while Emily had her photograph taken for her entry to the Canon Shine competition. There was a political march objecting to University fee reforms. There was heartfelt chanting, banner waving and balloons. The police escorted the protesters on their way, off campus towards Parliament to demonstrate their freedom of speech.

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The University continued with its expressive week as the Student Representative Council (SRC) held democratic elections. The council is the student’s supreme decision-making body. Polling was on May 25th but Wednesday saw the pedestrian boulevard, that runs the length of the city campus, full of excited, exuberant students canvassing for their candidates.

I was interested in the campus activity as it made me reflect on campaigning for causes, freedom of speech, demonstrations and the wide spectrum of opinions and views we all gather as our baggage and carry around with us daily. Obviously I have blogged, messaged and emailed family and friends this week to ask for support in Emily’s bid to raise awareness of ability and success post spinal cord injury (SCI). Our campaign slogan being – trade stigma for shine! The Canon shine competition takes the top 50 photographs and then the judged winner receives a national campaign and documentary on their cause.

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In the Canon Shine Gallery there are many worthy causes and it appears to me that they are all in need of publicity but lets focus on Emily’s message; spinal cord injury affects someone new everyday, it is life changing and life long. Society tries to be inclusive but there is still an enormous stigma towards disability and wheelchairs users.

The hope is to shine a light on spinal cord injury, it affects millions worldwide, 12,000 people in Australia and my eldest daughter. To win a national campaign and to be involved in a documentary which would help initiate attitude change towards a more inclusive society would be meaningful to many.

As I have witnessed this week on campus many causes are worthy but this is our cause so please take time today to vote.

Go to and join up with your email, after a verification message into your inbox close that Canon page. Re- enter Canon Shine Gallery and as a member now you can sign in and vote. Emily’s images are found by searching the Leaderboard – one shows her at University and one image shows her triumphant upon the steps at Sydney Opera House. Help Emily trade stigma for shine, furthering a positive message post spinal cord injury.




Thank you


One thought on “Vote but what for……voting closes Thursday 29th May at midday (Australian time)

  1. Rachel & Emily,
    What an inspirational website. Very emotional reading it, but not saccharine or self-pitying, but driving, positive and utterly optimistic. What an inspiration to others as well, those in wheelchairs or not. Very humbled by you both.
    Love from your neighbours and friends Lynda & Geoffrey

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