Trade stigma for shine result! Removing stigma around disability.

Canon asked people around Australia to submit photos of something that mattered to them, and the results are both beautiful and revealing. Emily’s photo is no.6 in 23 selected photographs that reveal what really matters to Australians.

Emily, the subject of this photo by Sharron M, says, “I study at university; volunteer at Taronga Zoo; take buses, trains and aeroplanes. I embrace social inclusion; I seek relationships, friendships, opportunities and my independence. I enjoy life.

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What really matters to Emily is the stigma attached to disability and wheelchairs be traded for an appreciation of the individual, wheelchair users, ability to shine. There is a story, a family, ambitions, goals and a full worthwhile life to every person with a disability. Don’t focus on the disability or the chair, focus on the person. Celebrate the achievements and diverse characters of people with disabilities.

Thank you to Sharron for initiating this opportunity. Raising awareness within our communities and rippling out to the wider world audiences helps people with disability educate us on their ability.

Trade Stigma for SHINE!

See here for the 23 selected photographs


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