Coping with SCI becomes manageable

Recently I was rear ended in my car! I was minding my own business, slowing behind a vehicle that was indicating to turn right when that screech of braking wheels makes your shoulders rise in anticipation of the thump, a glance in the rear view mirror confirmed a Masda was in my truck.

The unperturbed car ahead of me turned right and I pulled to the left to exchange insurance details with the Masda driver. No-one was injured so really a little bent metal wasn’t going to upset me. The at-fault driver was a nice man, he apologized, shook my hand and then he had to get on with calling a tow truck as his car had its nose broken, the bonnet resembled the beak of an eagle; hooked.

I returned home to phone through my insurance claim; the car was booked into a body workshop for a quote within 24 hours, a very smooth operation and I feel stress free regarding the unfortunate incident. I don’t relish the body work being done as I’ll have to drop the car, catch the bus home and be grounded till the job’s done. It takes up so much time but as I mentioned it’s a well rehearsed procedure from the insurance people.

Coping with SCI becomes manageable

After that eventful morning I put the kettle on and fetched the dog who was in the garden. She ran up the stairs and popped herself to bed. Emily pointed out that the dog was limping. I called Beastie to walk around the kitchen table and sure enough she was displaying a reticence to put her right hind paw to the floor. I lifted her leg to examine her pads, there on her ‘palm’ was a large wound. It looked like an oyster shell cut from rocks at the beach. The dog let me poke and stroke her so that I felt sure this was her only injury. The cut wasn’t bleeding so I patted her and she went back to her task of lying down.

After dinner I called the dog to sit with us to watch TV . I touched Beastie’s left hip and she yelped. A high pitch yelp. I lifted her on to the bed to examine her more thoroughly. I could only detect the cut paw pad but I couldn’t settle as I hate that the dog is unwell, yelping and not putting her leg to the floor. Her hind leg is being held like a ballerina,  the paw is pointing in ballet position two, poised to dance lightly on her toes.

I feel certain that the Beast will be fine in the morning, she is eight years old and behaves like a puppy. She is very boisterous so always at risk of injury, she isn’t a decorous dog! I suddenly realised that I was churningly anxious about Beastie and just vaguely annoyed about the car.

I mention the car crash and Beastie’s injury for a reason as it confirms that after the acute trauma of SCI, life returns and here I am some three years later with everyday issues that have to be addressed; a poorly dog, a smashed car, searching for a holiday, On-Trend clothes shopping, seeking ingredients for recipes and early morning cycling – all contributing to my everyday. Be assured life returns after SCI.


Coping with SCI becomes manageable

 All better now!

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