A little genius can shine through everyday!

I watched The Theory of Everything while on a long haul flight 30,000 metres over Alaska. My lasting impression from the film revolved around the care Stephen Hawking received from his wife, family, friends and colleagues.

The story line I took away from the screen was that Stephen Hawking developed his theories and had the opportunity to expand intellectually contrary to the devastating decline of his body because others cared for him.

A little genius can shine through everyday

Human beings can be maintained physically but it takes care to facilitate growth, it takes love to nurture, it takes an understanding to intuitively meet the needs of another.

Stephen Hawking is a born genius but it was as a cared, supported, loved and nurtured man that he was enabled to be that genius. The care he received negated the fact that his body slowly declined, the care he received nurtured his brilliant career .

Everyone has ability if not genius, everyone just needs understanding, enthusiasm , encouragement and love. Love should engender confidence and with confidence the soul grows stronger however the physical body manifests. Love continues whatever life presents.

Emily and I met a father yesterday whose daughter recently suffered a SCI – he recognized Emily from Royal Rehab, Ryde and made himself known amongst the condiments in IGA. We spoke on a variety of rehabilitation issues and it struck me he clearly loved his daughter. I looked on at Emily conversing confidently with this mature man, recalling her experience to assist another quadriplegic and I realised that love has enabled us to cope, love initiates adversarial growth and fosters confidence.

When I posted on February 14th 2015 The Theory of Everything – highlights issues but it’s entertainment  I commented on a critic’s view of the film. The critic was disappointed in the film’s approach to disability. I reflected that the film was a Hollywood blockbuster with an Oscar performance from Eddie Redmayne. Films are essentially business and it is important not to imagine great truth or teaching in the scenes thrown up on the silver screen. Although I still hold that thought – for me this film was not about any disability it was a story of love, caring and facilitation of ability.

I aspire to love and nurture my family’s spirit and empower them with the strength needed to be confident, enabling them to confidently lead their best life. Emily is no different to my other children or any other child, she isn’t different to any of my friends children or my friends themselves as everyone is nurtured and empowered by love

The audience who watched this film will interpret the story for themselves but I certainly saw this film centred on a loving relationship. I hope the audience were enlighten about care, carers and caring. That care, carers and caring enables, empowers and facilitates the differently abled.

Physical impairments have demands but with love and care…..a little genius can shine through everyday

a little genius can shine through everyday

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