The irony is – carers must look after themselves!

In my attempt to connect and advocate for carers I am trying to master several social media forums. Last night I wondered if a tweet would translate as a wordpress post, would just a title be understood to be a stand alone comment?

My interest was piqued because my wordpress account is linked to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. I am intrigued as to how my blog is presented in the different formats and whether I can interplay with my communication delivery?

As a social media experiment my tweet as a blog title was probably misconstrued as everyone expects a post in wordpress, at the very least a comment or written explanation. The simple answer is that each site has an etiquette, tweeting a title in wordpress confuses the reader who expects a blog. Twitter only allows 140 characters in a tweet so enforces succinct messages and statements while Facebook focuses on cat and dog YouTube clips!

But I have learnt something important through this exercise. Tweets are great on twitter, pictures are great on Facebook and blogging needs a story. Expectations differ with each medium and my content or my lack of content is not translated uniformly from one forum to another.

My research into social media is mirror imaged in my caring role as sometimes I just have to try something to see if it helps. Trial and error is an aspect of everyday life and everyday caring. Being open to new ideas and experimenting can remedy issues, sometimes you just have to be brave enough to try. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I learn. It’s all in a day’s work and contributes to my adversarial growth and resilience.


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