City2Surf with a FreeWheel !

FullSizeRender (13)This weeks training session was exciting because Emily tried out her new FreeWheel.

The FreeWheel is described………….. “If you are in a wheelchair and want to have more freedom, get outside, enjoy hiking trails, or easily glide down bumpy sidewalks and curbs, then the FreeWheel attachment is the answer. This adaptive equipment is durable, lightweight (2+ Kg) and quickly clamps to the footrest of a rigid-frame wheelchair. It allows you to push over surfaces that would typically be impossible. Strolling, exercising, hiking, or just checking the mailbox, is so much easier. Grass, curbs, and rough roads can be easily navigated.

So with the FreeWheel attached we set off around Centennial Park……

FullSizeRender (16)The FreeWheel lifts Emily’s front casters just off the ground so that the more robust FreeWheel leads over uneven paths, grass or cobbled stones. It alleviates the necessity for me to run behind Emily as prior to this attachment I had to watch the ground ahead  to anticipate if Emily’s small casters would be halted in a rut and lunge her forward out of her seat.

The FreeWheel gave Emily a smooth roll around the park prior to us basking in the Sydney sunshine with our coffee treat.

FullSizeRender (15)It was a good training session as we averaged 5.3 km an hour at one point although Heartbreak Hill will reduce our speed on the City2Surf route. We finally left for a late lunch although Beastie could circuit Centennial Park all day. She’s a tough coach to keep up with!

We bought the FreeWheel from in Silverwater. They took time to adjust the FreeWheel to Emily’s frame and ensured it fitted precisely. Contact details here

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