Sydney Wheelchair Access

Most Sydney residents and tourists don’t have to think about venue access but wheelchair users do. Sydney wheelchair access is inconsistent so it’s good to report Qantas Credit Union Arena is an accessible venue.

Sydney Wheelchair Access | Qantas Credit Union Arena in Sydney gives wheelchair access to music

I am always thrilled when we leave the house confident that we can enjoy ourselves without access being a barrier. On Friday we went to Qantas Credit Union Arena to see Imagine Dragons. A fabulous evening made straightforward by easy wheelchair access.

We rode into town on the wheelchair accessible M30 bus and meandered our way to Tumbalong Park where the urban planners have ensured ramps run to the amenities and the wide variety of restaurants. The concert arena is a short distance with ample signage to direct us to the correct gate. Staff were helpful and everyone gave us consistent directions.

Wheelchair access at this music venue enabled us to see Imagine Dragons!

Sydney wheelchair access to Imagine Dragons

It might appear easy to traverse Sydney with a wheelchair but access, clear signage and consistent directions within venues challenge Emily regularly. An example of the loosely used word ‘access’ played out recently when, after a birthday dinner, Emily and her girlfriends thought they would have a cocktail on a Point Piper rooftop bar. The bouncer guarding the entrance announced the rooftop wasn’t accessible simultaneously as another member of staff pulled Emily over “I’ll get you up there in the service lift!”

A couple of cocktails later Emily had to be assertive as the rooftop barman wasn’t sure how she could exit the building. She explained that she’d arrived in the service lift so maybe she could depart via the same apparatus?

Sydney wheelchair access can be hindered not by physical barriers but by staff who lack entry/exit knowledge.

Venues need strict policies to educate all their employees, we rely on staff communicating barrier free routes just as staff have to know where the fire escapes are located. Managers should include wheelchair access as part of their staff induction program. Sydney wheelchair access should never hinge upon the individuals on duty.

Barrier free access is a necessity every wheelchair user requires, it can be as simple as a lift or a ramp. Sydney is rolling forward with wheelchair access as my recent posts verify; Barangaroo Disability Access and The Goods Line disability access. Let’s keep access a priority because many wheelchair users and people with a disability can’t change so let’s maintain the pressure on decision makers to modify our environment to be inclusive.

Sydney wheelchair access Qantas Credit Union Arena  – Imagine Dragons live!


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