Carer Burnout – Recognise it and stop it!

Carer Burnout happens. You need to recognise it and stop it. Read on to help yourself.

Be aware of the signs for carer burnout:

  • Fatigue, insomnia
  • Palpitations, fainting, breathlessness
  • Falling ill frequently
  • Loss of appetite, loss of weight
  • Feeling anxious, irritable, angry
  • Worrying, self-critical
  • Feeling incompetent, isolated
  • Short attention span, difficulty focusing

If you do recognise burnout in yourself seek professional help, you need support.

If you recognise some of these traits – what can you do?

Stop carer burnout

Firstly address your health :

You must organise your priorities:

  • You need to take control of the demands placed on you.
  • What responsibilities are yours alone? Write a list to visualise the demands on you.
  • Dismiss all non-essential chores and activities
  • Delegate chores or errands to others as appropriate
  • Do not overcommit yourself
  • De-clutter your life, make life simpler more straightforward
  • Be honest with others about your limits.
  • Simply say “no” if you can’t manage something.
  • Ask for help from your family, friends, community or church
  • Talk to a carers support group, use their advise to help you prioritize your responsibilities

Take time for yourself:

  • Before you start your day take a moment to deep breath, meditate or gently exercise.
  • Make a commitment to yourself,  make time for your interests and hobbies
  • Realise you have choices, rediscover you
  • Take time to make changes towards a healthier you, a manageable lifestyle.

Halt  Carer Burnout

Carer burnout can happen without a conscious effort to take care of yourself. Caring is one of the most important roles we have in life so take care so that you can continue, not only continue but actually enjoy your role.

Stop Carer Burnout