Strava Disability Friendly

Strava Disability Friendly – vote now to make manual wheelchair an activity choice.

Strava is fun so adding manual wheelchair as an activity embraces the differently-abled.

Everyone whatever their ability should have the opportunity and choice to join in. Adding manual wheelchair as a choice in activities is straightforward and inclusive.

Please vote in Strava now using the link below to action disability friendly choices.

The best way to implement disability friendly choices is to collect support from our communities. When suggestions like having a manual wheelchair option are supported with votes, this may be something Strava will actually DO!

Vote to support Strava disability friendly choices. Copy and paste this message to your family and friends to gather support or share via Facebook and Twitter.

  • Log into Strava using email and password to join if not already a member
  • Search keyword  – Make Strava disabled friendly  (category already existed)
  • Please add your support –  Click the “Me Too” button on topic.
  • Remember to copy and paste this message and rally support for a manual wheelchair option in Strava.

Thank you because a small change in Strava disability friendly choices can lead to a big difference in esteem, confidence and inclusion of the differently-abled in our community.

Strava disability friendly

Vote now to action Strava disability friendly choices.

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