SCI cure but don’t wait…..

Modern science has overcome so much but spinal cord injury (SCI) is complex. Don’t miss out on life while waiting for a SCI cure.

SCI cure must be kept on the agenda

Think what developments have happened in medicine in the last 100, 50 or the last 5 years. Genetics, histology, microbiology, pharmacology and immunization are all commonplace words in our vocabulary nowadays. X-rays and MRI’s see deep within us to highlight irregularities. Screening reveals the usual and the unusual. Contemporary investigative tools aid doctors and health professionals to assess our motley human impairments, traumas and malady including SCI.

SCI cure must  be kept high on the agenda of researchers, scientists and funding bodies including governments. The human cost of SCI is immeasurable and any degree of functional gain would impact lives with increased independence.

SCI cure in the news

I have read numerous reports of therapies that have aided people with SCI. The latest is – To Walk Again – Brain-computer interface technology created by The University of California, Irvine.  The researchers managed the strength of a paraplegic mind alone to initiate historic independent steps.

There is the Rob Summers success story. The research team at the University of Louisville and UCLA, managed to regain voluntary motor function in Rob with an epidural stimulator implanted over his spinal cord.

The question is when will we have a SCI cure commonly available

Medical science will overcome spinal cord trauma as modern research has navigated complex diagnosis and delivered effective treatment to so many medical mysteries. The real question is when will we have a SCI cure commonly available. Will it be stem cell or will it involve epidural electrical stimulation? No-one should stay at home waiting, life has to be lived today, enjoyed now.

SCI cure is coming but don’t wait………..

As the sun dawns each morning we wake to a new horizon of hope – SCI cure is coming but we must succeed and rejoice in lives lived to the full today.

SCI cureFun in Prague!

Emily traveled in Europe through July. Nine cities in 28 days. I hope to post more of her adventures for you all to enjoy! There is life after SCI injury, real life to be lived well!


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