Independence after SCI.

A tradesman reminded me how tedious it is being stuck indoors. It reinforced Emily’s independence after SCI as she left the house to catch a wheelchair accessible bus (M30) to Sydney University leaving me behind.

Independence after SCI

I realised how empowered Emily has become as I waited at home for the tradie. I was given a time slot but the hours came and went with a no-show. It was incredibly frustrating as I had no choice. I felt like a bright balloon stuck in a tree on a glorious day!

No one likes being stuck, Emily wants independent after SCI

No-one likes being stuck with no freedom of choice especially when I had to reschedule and wait in for a second day.

Independence after SCI required resources

All the waiting around reinforced why the differently-abled need equipment and services. Because they are completely normal in wanting to be freely independent. Resources have empowered Emily with choices, enabling her to plan her own meaningful goals. Resources have restored Emily into the community to resume her life so she can set her own course.

Independence after SCI

Resources are pivotal for independence after SCI

Emily balances independence after SCI and dependency to enjoy a fine balance. Freedom and choices are important for everyone whatever their ability but resources are pivotal for the differently-abled to manage their lives with the demands of the 21st century.

Equipment, funding and support agencies in NSW have enabled Emily to manage her life with independence after SCI. Basically resources and accessible infrastructure including transport routes facilitate her independence after SCI.

NSW National Disability Insurance Scheme July 2016

As the Federal and State Governments prepare to roll out the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in New South Wales.  I hope it brings “security and dignity” to Australians with a disability that the then Prime Minister Julia Gillard said it would bring when she introduced the legislation in 2013.

With the full roll out planned for NSW and Victoria in July 2016 Malcolm Turnbull said “This marks a huge milestone towards the delivery of one of the largest social policy reforms in our nation’s history”

I hope Emily’s independence continues with resources and choices within the NDIS. We’ll have to wait till 2016 to fully understand until then we wait……

Independence and choice

This post was written after Beastie and I were released from our home confinement. We opted to roam the wilds of Cremorne, delighting in our freedom just like Emily.

Independence after SCI. Helpful websites in NSW / Australia:


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