Melbourne Cup Strapper Normalcy

Melbourne Cup Strapper highlighted the normalcy of the differently-abled

Melbourne Cup Strapper, Stevie Payne, did a great job at this prestigious event. He was a fine example of a strapper. He delighted in his sister’s win and made a succinct speech of thanks on the presentation podium. I saw a dream come true for a girl and success for a hard working man.

Melbourne Cup Strapper highlighted the normalcy of the differently-abled.

I was asked recently what motivated Emily as a wheelchair user to go back to study at university. Why return to work or want to drive after a spinal cord injury.

My answer would be “ask any 26 year old what motivates them.”

Melbourne Cup Strapper highlighted normalcy on Tuesday.

Most personal goals and aspirations revolve around being intellectually stimulated, obtaining meaningful employment and enjoying exciting social, sport and travel opportunities. Primarily physical, emotional and social inclusion. Emily and Stevie Payne display no difference.

There is an innate drive within us all to be economically independent, earning not only to exist but for holidays, luxuries and individualized travel as waiting for the bus on a cold, wet day is damp whether in a wheelchair or not.

The differently-abled share the exact same influences and are inspired by the same 21st century marketing and advertising. They watch the same TV shows and commercials. They listen to the same radio broadcasts and read the same newspapers and magazines. So I despair when people ask regular questions to wheelchair users or the intellectually disabled thinking their answers will be obliquely tangent to anyone else in society. Discrimination towards the differently-abled will continue as long as anyone thinks that their answers to regular questions will be different.

Melbourne Cup Strapper displayed Normalcy.

Life boils down to  – physical, emotional and social inclusion with equal opportunity. Success is the cherry on the iced bun of life. When I watched the Melbourne Cup I saw a dream come true for a jockey and hard earned success for her brother.

It’s basically that straight forward. People are similar whatever their ability. Discrimination is thinking that aspirations and drives would fundamentally differ because you’re a wheelchair user or have an intellectual disability.

I hope it becomes evident soon that whatever peoples physique, whether women or men,  everyone including wheelchair users and Melbourne Cup Strappers, all want to succeed.

 Melbourne Cup Strapper Normalcy