Fit to be a carer?

I’m trying to keep fit to stay strong as a caregiver. Within a revised routine my new exercise guru assessed my running gait. Her conclusion subdued me as I presented with a knocked kneed walk and a windmill running style. Not the ideal physical specimen but am I fit to be a carer?

Keeping fit to be a carer

My aim as I embark on this revised exercise schedule is to improve my core strength. I enjoy robust fitness regimes although I have always disliked running long distances as I suffer hip and knee pain after the event. So imagine my alarm as the fitness instructor encouraged me to have a running goal of 7km for February.

Rising to the challenge with my body!

It was pointed out during my medical for nurse training that I have a curvature of the spine, actually I’d say I have a somewhat cork screw backbone.  So the recent additional body analysis that my hip joints show pronounced inward rotation comes as no surprise.

No-ones body is uniform or at least very few individuals are perfectly symmetrical bar the occasional Olympian. After my humbling physical assessment which confirmed my anomalies I just rejoiced in my ignorance. I have been delightfully healthy and happy while unaware!

I will always exhibit a spinal curvature with boney rotations. Everyone knows the hip bone is connected to the leg bone is connected to the knee bone…so it was inevitable that each anomaly had an impact on its neighbour. I aim to improve my gait by working on my postural awareness especially through exercise.

I will train towards a February 7km run. I expect some hip and knee throbbing on the way as I accept the challenges of my awkward physic.

Keeping fit to be a carer

Should I persist with fitness goals as a caregiver? I think I need to be fit to perform well and I want to ensure longevity to my role. It struck me that it is not my running gait that will care for Emily in our home, it is my determination and drive to persevere with caring goals.

The critical element that will never be obvious to an observer or to any medical inspectors is a compassionate heart, having an enormous capacity to love and show care. That is immeasurable.

Sustaining a strength of mind, which is difficult to define, but it is this that will keep me fit to care-give long after my knock knees are weak. It isn’t our earthly bodies that make us fit to care, although there is no doubt a good one helps, it is our mental agility and strength that will ensure we succeed.

Ideally a combination of robust body and mind will enable longevity to caregiving. But never be deluded by appearances as it is the strength that lies within us that should be valued and revered most. Strength of heart, mind and character makes us wonderfully capable.

Strength of characterStrength lies within us all !

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