Optimistic after SCI

Address the day, just the day in front of you. Be optimistic after SCI even if logic defies it.

Being optimistic after SCI starts with rest.

There is nothing to be achieved overnight so a good sleep is the most productive activity readying me for tomorrow’s challenges.To get restful sleep I calm my mind. I take several deep breaths and just let any circling thoughts disperse, let any pressing emotions shrink.

If I have annoying repeating thoughts I write them down in my journal laid next to my bed. I drop my thoughts onto the page and close the book. I acknowledge that life is random with no explanation of events.  I acknowledge that I am not responsible for everything that happens, neither can I make everything better.

Being optimistic after SCI includes love and choices

I make myself remember daily that everyone is an individual and responsible for themselves. I have to let my family enjoy the freedom of choice that I educated them to assert. With choice comes tangent opinions and possibly conflict but I have learnt that conflict coexists with love. I can agree to disagree.  If I see my self as an optional guiding force within my family and a safe ear for friends then optimism remains a strong force within me.

Guilt is the heaviest of burdens and the most logical feeling to discard as unproductive on any and every level. I also put aside the worlds unresolved issues, not that I don’t care but I need to focus on issues I can impact.

Being optimistic after SCI revolves around being me surrounded by diversity.

It’s important for me to live my life with heart and soul, with integrity. I hope people see my honesty and my respect for diversity. Caring revolves around listening, caring is about supporting others, standing back to allow others their independence. With independence comes differences of opinion so I have to accept the variety of thinking generated by facilitation. I relish eclectic styles and embrace variety so I accept the potpourri that presents to me during a single day.

With every dawn there is hope and optimism. If I am well rested my efforts are energized with purpose and enthusiasm. A new day of choices and opportunities. I am best able to manage if I embrace rest, individualism, mindfulness then optimism is easier.

Optimistic after SCI

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