Simplest Chia seed recipe

Recently I was won over by Chia seeds! Emily has enjoyed them for a while but it took a coconut milk recipe one breakfast to entice me…but why the simplest Chia seed recipe?

Why use the simplest Chia seed recipe?

As a wheelchair user Emily only requires 1200 calories or 5020 kilojoules daily. People with reduced mobility need their diets to be rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, needing less carbohydrates, fats and sugars. Spinal cord injury (SCI) especially quadriplegia alters digestion and immobility compounds the issue as calories are harder to burn. The best recipes are the simplest with fresh ingredients and no added sugar.

Emily is very aware that her health is based on her physical fitness and weight. Excess weight puts a strain on her entire body and decreases her mobility. Maintaining an appropriate weight is motivating not only for her longevity but because she loves healthy eating and living.

So why use Chia seeds?

Ensuring a diet high in fibre, calcium, protein, amino acids with vitamins and minerals is challenging with only 1200 calories to play with all day. Especially ambitious if you add the necessity that it tastes good and provides slowly processed energy making you feel fuller for longer.

Chia seeds become a natural addition as 100g provides :

  • 9 x more omega-3 than salmon,
  • 2 x more protein than eggs,
  • 2 x more fibre than oats,
  • 5 x more calcium than milk

Simplest Chia seed recipe

Why the simplest Chia seed recipe for carers?

If it’s good for Emily, it’s good for me as her carer. I need to have a healthy, balanced diet to ensure I have energy and endurance for my day.

It can be tempting to snack on days when I am caring in the home. Having a breakfast that makes me feel replete and satisfied staves off nibbling unnecessary tidbits mid-morning. Managing my weight, as an active caregiver, is as crucial as maintaining Emilys’, neither of us need additional sugar.

The simplest Chia seed recipe for carers, wheelchair users… everyone!


  • Chia seeds
  • Milk or coconut milk or coconut light cream


In a lidded container that fits in the fridge pour 200ml of either milk or coconut milk or as a treat coconut light cream. Add 4 tablespoons of Chia seeds and mix well. If you are using light milk add a tablespoon of yogurt to the mix. Pop into the fridge overnight for the seeds to soak.


Simplest Chia seed recipe

Overnight the magic happens! The following morning the Chia ‘pudding’ mixture should be gluey and semi solid in its form.

For breakfast we enjoy the simplest Chia seed pudding with added fresh fruit, pepitas, and a dollop of greek yogurt (higher in protein than ordinary yogurt). Delicious and yet light. Healthy and filling. Good for the heart, brain and skin health with fibre and long-lasting energy for the morning ahead!

I know it looks like the Ishihara Plate test for colour blindness (slightly unappetising) but Chia seeds taste delicious and are a useful ingredient in any fresh hearty diet. I’m showing this picture so there are no surprises for the uninitiated Chia consumer!

Simplest Chia seed recipe

Enjoy the simplicity of fresh ingredients with no added sugar!

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