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Why Follow Everyday Caring?

As a Registered Nurse and full time caregiver I research and investigate issues and post all the information I uncover.  Read about how to facilitate health, fitness and wellbeing through caring.

Writing to inspire, helping to sustain caring in the home whether you are a caregiver to a parent, child, relative OR whether you are overcoming a trauma or medical setback yourself. We all seek information,comfort and reassurance in our predicament. We also seek realism that we can relate to as we strive to do a good job.

Read my writing to boost your day and lift your psyche. No one need feel disengaged – I hope my supportive posts bring you into a group – Everyday Carers!

Why Follow Everyday Caring?

We are need encouragement with a little motivation thrown in –  A recent incident resonated with me and validated my drive to write… My friend was training one morning and fell into step with another jogger just ahead of her. She was really pleased because the lead runner had the perfect pace for her to follow. Just as she settled into her stride the man stopped and caught his breath. As my friend passed him she called “Shame you pulled up as you had the perfect pace.”
My friend continued onward and was slightly surprised when the male jogger overtook her, calling “You were just the inspiration I needed to keep going! Thanks.

This anecdote reiterated to me that everyone needs encouragement wherever and whatever they are doing. With a little positive feedback, we walk taller, smile and take pride in our ourselves and our work.

If you are working irregular antisocial hours or isolated at home, positive reinforcement is harder to come by. Everyday Caring can be read 24/7, at your convenience. Supportive writing that connects as we all strive to manage multiple demands within complex situations.

Everyday Caring shares day-to-day experiences covering living with spinal cord injury and my journey as a developing caregiver. I write to raise awareness of issues and advocate for equality in an inclusive, tolerant society.  I write promoting the ambition to succeed, travel and live a healthy, fit life.  

Follow Everyday Caring to receive posts on everyday issues, wheelchair life, positive psyche for healthy fit living.

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2 thoughts on “Follow Everyday Caring

  1. Goodness I have just found you via Another Day In Sydney and there really is no such thing as coincidence.

    How inspiring and amazing you and your family are. A very old friend got married in America – they suffered a very serious car accident – he recovered she not so and I am desperate to help from across the Atlantic – your approach optimism and pragmatism will guide me – thank you x

    • I do hope that my honest blogs help. I am hoping my book will be up on this site soon which addresses the acute issues faced after trauma.
      Stay tuned …

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