Domestic abuse victims need resources

As a caregiver I write to facilitate wellbeing in the home but what if life crumbles into violence, domestic abuse victims need resources, information, respite and support. This is pertinent subject as the Royal Commission into Families Violence released a report with 277 recommendations…

I was recently asked to an event that highlighted the impact on families when tension in the home degenerates into physical or psychological abuse. Victims of domestic maltreatment need information, respite housing and support to escape the cycle of this repetitive crime.

Domestic abuse victims need care

Listening to a case scenario where there was prolonged contemptuous ridicule made me aware that victims need help. Families that live through the indignity of injury, whether physical or mental, have specific support requirements that need to be highlighted. Often the abused is female, often-times she is compromised with young children and few resources, opportunities or choices.

Domestic abuse victims need resources

It takes enormous strength to leave a dysfunctional situation because fear befuddles people, especially when children are involved. Mothers fear losing their children in custody battles. there is fear of recrimination and the stigma of a failure.

Domestic abuse victims need resources

Resources give choice

Having heard such harrowing tales I feel compelled to raise awareness of domestic abuse. Experiencing abusive behaviour induces stress that is debilitating. How can we empower families in crisis so that the situation doesn’t degenerate into physical wrongdoing. The truth is that most violations are behind closed doors and most victims are only known after the event or after their escape.

Caring for families in domestic crisis situations must be undertaken by professionals with enduring systems of support.  For families to recover after abuse there must be comprehensive input from organisations with resources.

Hearing about the turmoil of domestic crisis motivated me to ask myself  – what can I do?

I joined the sponsored walk for Mary’s House, raising awareness and funds for respite accommodation. I volunteered to waitress at a fundraising dinner. I’ll bake cakes and write this blog because everyday caring doesn’t start and finish in my house. I am driven to help others in their homes.

Here are links to some resources:

  • 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732): 24 hour, National Sexual Assault, Family & Domestic Violence Counselling Line for any Australian who has experienced, or is at risk of, family and domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

Domestic abuse victims need resources

  • Domestic violence can affect anyone. Lisa McAdams website has a good resource page 
  • Preventing violence , promoting respect Australia wide services 
  • Looking for something – is a good place to start.
  • Family SMILES Supporting children living with parents with mental health issues “Children can feel isolated and frustrated when mental health difficulties affect the way their parents behave. Sometimes children feel protective of their parent and so don’t seek help and support for themselves. Family SMILES aims to help children aged 8 to 14 build:

    • self-esteem
    • resilience
    • life skills.

    To give them the confidence to talk about their experiences with other young people who face similar situations. We also work with parents to help them understand the impact of their illness on their child and to improve their parenting skills to provide a safe, secure and supportive family environment.

  • Royal Commission into Family Violence released report with 227 recommendations

One of Mary’s House volunteers summarised her feelings “One of the things I’ve learnt on this path is that there are several myths attached to domestic violence. One myth is that we must mind our own business regarding what goes on behind closed doors. Actually, It is our business for the sake of our community!”

I hope this blog will be shared and forwarded to those that need the information, respite and support….Thank you.