Carers in the kitchen, June

The carers in the kitchen workshop launched a program of events to celebrate 40 years of CarersNSW. My Kitchen Rules finalists, Helena and Vikki Moursellas showed us some of their skills in this June class. I’ll tell you what they taught me…..

Carers in the kitchen

Carers in the kitchen is “a series of workshops dedicated to teaching carers everything they need to know about budgeting, planning, preparing and cooking scrumptious meals” I was excited a week before the event so imagine my delight when I actually met Helena and Vikki!

After registration I walked into the enormous classroom kitchen, there were several cooking ‘stations’ primed with bowls of ingredients and we were instructed to gather into groups of three as we would be following instructions from the sisters. I put on my apron ready for action!

Carers in the kitchen menu was:

  • Garlic Potatoes
  • Beef and Parsley Meatballs
  • Tzatziki

I have posted the pictures as we turned the simple ingredients into a delicious meal. Our clever instructors told us variations of the recipes as we all stirred and cooked in union.

Carers in the kitchen

Garlic Potatoes

IMG_6793Carers in the kitchen

Beef and Parsley Meatballs                                            Tzatziki

Carers in the kitchen

Helena and Vikki at work

Over the evening I learnt that cooking can be fun, easy and exciting and that simple variations on a theme can produce limitless variety to our meals – substitute chicken or pork mince for alternative tasty meatballs.  But more importantly I remembered something very special – as these two fresh, energetic and friendly cooks reminded me – they cook because they love people enjoying their food. Cooking makes them happy, producing delicious dishes especially when surrounded by family and friends. I caught their enthusiasm and feel more engaged and energized with my meal planning and cooking. I reconnected with my kitchen as I thought cooking was a chore, I remembered food is fun!!

Carers in the kitchen

Looking forward to July’s Carers in the kitchen!

There are a number of free events across the state to celebrate 40 years of CarersNSW, beginning with an event in Coffs Harbour on Tuesday 26th July.  You can read more about CarersNSW events on their website.