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Accessible travel news

Accessible travel news – Getting around Barcelona with a disability

Barcelona – The Catalan capital is widely considered one of the most accessible tourist destinations in Europe. Various travel agencies in Barcelona specialise in providing information for people with a disability. To achieve this, they offer the best accessible hotels, activities and adapted transport. Public transport is another field with outstanding standards for differently-abled users, since all metro stations that have been recently built or refurbished are fully accessible. The Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona (TMB) keeps improving the public transport system of Barcelona and currently has a 100% accessible bus fleet. To complete all on offer, the beaches of Barceloneta and Nova Icaria as well as the Forum bathing area offer assisted bathing services for differently-abled people who cannot access the water independently.

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See my thoughts on Guadi 

Accessible travel news – Park House Hotel UK

Park House is the birthplace and former home of Diana, Princess of Wales, a short walk from The Queen’s Sandringham residence. This 19th-century country house hotel is specially designed for guests with disabilities. There are 16 wheelchair-accessible rooms, with care provided for those who require it.

“It is not like there is zero accessibility. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has made many monuments accessible; some restaurants and malls are accessible. There is some level of improvement, but not at the best rate,” said Shivani Gupta, founder of AccessAbiliy

India is a challenging destination for differently-abled people but not impossible.

Accessible travel news – Paris: an obstacle course for wheelchair users but don’t be disheartened 

Damien Birambeau has spent most of his life in a wheelchair — and for most of that time he has had trouble getting around Paris, his home town.

Despite being one of the world’s top tourist destinations, the French capital is a veritable obstacle course for people in wheelchairs — tourists and residents alike.

Compared to London, where one in four Underground stations have step-free access, Paris lags far behind in efforts to accommodate people with reduced mobility.

We had a great tour of Europe so all do-able, don’t be disheartened.

Latest accessible travel newsLatest accessible travel news


Accessible travel news – making life easier for the disabled: What Singapore can learn from Sweden

Scandic’s accessibility ambassador Magnus Berglund told The Straits Times: “All the improvements we’re making don’t just benefit guests with disabilities. Comforts, such as remote controls, were originally designed to help the disabled, but that doesn’t stop everyone else from being able to benefit.

We love Singapore as wheelchair friendly.

Latest accessible travel news

Latest accessible travel news

Accessible travel news – Holiday tips for people with disabilities

Organising a holiday can be stressful enough without factoring in any problems you might encounter while travelling with a disability. Whether you’re concerned if your guide dog or assistance animal can travel with you, or whether “accessible” means your accommodation will be accessible or actually means “a few small steps”, there are many more factors to consider and plan for when organising an “accessible” holiday.

There are options out there, however, that cater to most needs. Here is our pick of tips, resources, companies and destinations for disability holidays.

Accessible travel news –  Alaska  – What an exciting destination!


I love the thought of adventure and I find these articles uplifting as I want to promote the thinking that Emily can travel the world independently if she desires. It’s all about confidence, access and belief in your ability.

Latest accessible travel newsLatest accessible travel news

I hope these articles inspire able and differently-abled people to look further afield and afar for their holiday experiences.