Suddenly an Everyday Carer

Highly personal, honest, compelling and readable, Suddenly an Everyday Carer will make you laugh and cry but it’s also a valuable tool and resource full of down-to-earth practical advice and links for anyone living through a trauma.

Suddenly an Everyday Carer

On February 1, 2012, Rachel James received a phone call that would change her life. Her 22-year-old daughter Emily had fallen while skiing in America, had broken her neck and was told she would never walk again. In the years since she has worked tirelessly to help her daughter cope with her new life. In this heartfelt book she hopes to guide other ‘unexpected’ carers through the minefield of emotions that such a catastrophe throws up – and to suggest coping strategies to deal with them.

“Everything changed for our family in an instant. It is hard for people to comprehend what is involved when caring for someone 24/7,” said Mrs James. “Of course I would do anything for my child, but nothing could have prepared me for the physical and emotional rollercoaster involved. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel and I wanted to share some of my experience to hopefully help others experiencing similar and unexpected trauma.”

A nurse, with over thirty years’ experience, Rachel saw herself as a facilitator and advocate aiding Emily’s journey towards independence and “a new normal”.  The journey through any catastrophic trauma is fraught with anxiety, medical issues, disappointments, with some surprizing humour, whilst pursuing the ultimate goal of health and wellness.

“Too often carers put themselves last and burn out. Being able to sustain the level of care is incredibly important, and to do that I can’t stress enough the importance of health, fitness and wellbeing. Thankfully, Emily is an amazingly resilient young woman who has found her own independence. We want to show people what is possible through finding the right balance.”

Joanna Knott from SpinalCure Australia commends the book. “Anyone at anytime can become a carer and unfortunately the enormous contribution they provide often goes unrecognised. With over 15,000 Australians currently paralysed by spinal cord injuries, and another person paralysed every day, Rachel’s book is an incredible resource to others who find themselves in a similar situation.”

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Suddenly an Everyday Carer

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Suddenly an Everyday Carer

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Suddenly an Everyday carer