How do appliances know it’s Christmas and die?

How did the fridge know that we had 10 people for the holidays and, in a petulant response, died? The dishwasher saw the fridge expire and joined in  – dying in a puddle of leaking suds. Merry Christmas!


I had spent the run up to Christmas ensuring that there were clean sheets on every bed, red napkins, copious crackers and Michael Buble’s Christmas CD in the media player. So it was dastardly that the fridge decided to freeze everything with only two days till our guests arrived.

I was alerted to the situation by an avocado – it was harder than a cricket ball with a slight covering of frost! I turned the fridge control to WARMER with no improvement. I found myself shaking a frozen milk carton in an effort to eek out any drops for my morning tea – nothing. I bent a knife trying to cut into a butter patty but I knew we were in trouble when a rock solid Coke can exploded. The noise was alarming as the metal splintered around the crystallised drink and the result was devastation on the condiment shelf.

With one day till our guests arrived – the only thing to do was turn the fridge off, defrost and restart. Rebooting the system as if it were a computer. I can confirm that the fridge did not respond well and persisted in its Christmas mission to freeze.

At this moment the dishwasher joined in the shenanigans by producing a vast puddle that started creeping across the kitchen floor. So the dishwasher joined the fridge in the centre of the room as we examined its rear.

The dilemma was – which appliance would you rather have working over the holiday period with 10 house guests? We prioritised the dishwasher. With this question answered the pressing issue was could we plumb in a new dishwasher? Past plumbing memories induced eye rolling with a little upper lip sweat, but our needs meant we were committed!

We did enjoy our new dishwasher after we ate a solidly chilled coleslaw with our turkey. (Solidly chilled should be read as semi frozen because by now I was shouting instructions hours before every meal “lunch needs defrosting from the fridge, peeps”.)

Anyway the moral of this story is that we have survived the holiday season with the fridge being a blast freezer. We have managed to produce some positives  – frozen yogurt! The lovely part was the whole household came onboard and knowing that we couldn’t store leftovers – the crew ate everything. Yet, we remain completely normal in some regards as we still have too much (frozen) ham!

The best memories are still of the household cooking paella together, sharing the task and enjoying the eating! Family time is special and no fridge can spoil that.

Merry Christmas and we are having frozen margaritas for New Year!!