Odds of injury?

We are more likely to die from heart disease than at the hands of terrorists. Everyday fate can suddenly change our lives inexplicably however in my experience tragedy revealed enormous inner strength and resilience.

Odds of Injury?

We should live our lives fully not in fear of catastrophe but what are the real odds of injury?

Odds of injury?

The odds of dying in a car or plane crash are higher than an assault by a terrorist. In fact, the odds of a plane crash are one for every 1.2 million flights, with odds of dying one in 11 million. The chances of dying in a car or traffic accident are one in 5,000. Astoundingly, even if you are aboard one of the one in 1.2 million flights that crash, 95.7 percent of passengers survive (3) .

I am actually more at risk from my dinner choice and the subsequent heart disease when I look at the statistics. In Australia ischaemic heart disease ranked the number one killer in 2015(2). Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States too (1).

Odds of Injury?

We have to keep life’s dangers in perspective as we have control over two of the most important aspects of health risk which is our diet and fitness.

Live fully, not in fear.

As I watched Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester concert, that raised funds and spirits, there were two songs that stuck me – Little Mix sung the lyrics:

Mama told me not to waste my life,

She said spread your wings my little butterfly

Don’t let what they say keep you up at night

And they can’t detain you

‘Cause wings are made to fly

And we don’t let nobody bring us down

No matter what you say it won’t hurt me

Don’t matter if I fall from the sky

These wings are made to fly

No-one seeks to envisage a life after a catastrophic trauma but an extraordinary thing happens – we adapt, we change and we move on towards a new normal. Little Mix song lyrics struck me as I have witnessed my own daughter’s personal catastrophe and she has managed to ‘fly’ into a future with hope, purpose and love.

Live fully, not in fear

The horrific terrorist attacks of the last week should make us realise the fragility of life, but:

  1. We mustn’t let fear stop us living.
  2. We must be more inclusive and tolerant of difference.

Finally, back at the One Love Manchester concert great lyrics were sung by Miley Cyrus with a message for change:

We are meant for more

Pull the handle on the door, that opens up to change

I know that sounds so strange, to think

We are meant for more

Pull the handle on the door, that opens up to change

I know that sounds so strange

‘Cause you’ve always felt so small, but know you aren’t at all

And I hope you feel inspired

Oh, I hope you feel inspired

Our future will be determined by changing attitudes with education leading to increased awareness and tolerance of difference. 

We have to live full active lives without fear of terrorism or catastrophe. If we do experience an unfortunate event, I hope that it isn’t perceived as the end of the world….. It is just the beginning of something different.

Odds of injury?

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