Everyday Caring top tips

Everyday Caring involves inventing ‘stuff’ needed as you adapt to lifestyle changes and personal development. Here are my Everyday Caring top tips for discrete lifestyle designs. All you need is velcro and lots of it!

Everyday Caring Top Tips

When Emily left rehab I thought her needs were addressed but over time things naturally change and so we have had to adapt. Recently Emily decided on a new approach to her continence requirements with a different drainage bag. It needed a cover so we drew up a simple design.

Everyday Caring Top Tips

Everyday Caring top tips:

  • Be prepared to adapt – mentally and physically.
  • Be imaginative, your needs are as individual as you are!
  • DIY inventions can be an economic solution to issues.
  • If you don’t have a sewing machine – ring-a-round for a mate who does.
  • Buy (in the sales) or recycle robust material, cotton and velcro because repairs are invariably required when you least expect.
  • The simplest designs are the easiest to make – if you’re like me!

Everyday Caring Top Tips

  • Everything I make – I double stitch so machine washable!

Everyday Caring Top Tips

  • Over time this design will change but for now it is perfect for Emily’s needs.

Now we’re off to the next challenge!! @disabledwaterskinsw – view the videos on Instagram  rachel_everydaycaring


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