Alphabetic filing is difficult, do I put Assistance Dogs under A for Assistance or D for Dog? I apologize to you if my A – Z is not strictly filed as should be in a public library but if you write your search word in the top right hand corner box labelled search, you should get to the subject, if I have uploaded it yet!

http:// TheAccessiblePlanet.com – fastest growing resource for everything wheelchair accessible and for those with reduced mobility. Wheelchair access vehicles to stairlift prices!

  •  Accessing Sydney City Rail –  Website:   Click here
  • Advocacy – this noun is overused verbally but underused practically and politically.It means active support of a cause especially the act of pleading or arguing for something.  I am guilty myself of grumbling and have been in many conversations where there has been debate over a public issue concerning disability I feel strongly that advocacy means active support, practical endorsement or written objection to policy, not just a verbal moan.
    • Councillors in your local council are always a good place to start if you have any issues with the pavements / road ramps. The picture below shows the concrete pavement the my council laid to replace a grass verge so Emily could avoid using the road, with oncoming traffic, to exit our street.

  • Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) – Website:   Click here
  • Assistance Dogs Australia – Click here – not an application made in haste, these dogs are clever and hard working but need caring, appropriate homes.
  • Assistance / support Dogs  – ASDOG – Click here 
  • Attendant Care Package (ACP) soon to be NDIS. Our package was organised at Royal Ryde Rehabilitation with our Social Worker’s assistance
  • Autonomic Dysreflexia  – Get a medical emergency card –   Click here

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