• Centrelink  – This is such an individual service given everyone’s different circumstances, make sure you always allow plenty of time when visiting their offices or phoning –  Website: Click here 
  • Companion Card – use this at cinemas, music and theatre venues . It offers reduced pricing for a companion.This card promotes the rights of people with disability, who require a companion, to fair ticketing at events and venues.
    • email  – companioncard@nds.org.au  or call 1800 893 044
  • Carers NSW  – A very useful Website: Click here
  • CAPS  – Continence Assistance Payment Scheme
    • You can order bladder, bowel and skin care equipment through Sydney based BrightSky  – Website: Click here   BrightSky is an enterprise of ParaQuad, I pick up continence supplies from their Homebush location. See ParaQuad details here.
  • Cars see vehicle in V
  • Councillors in your local council are always a place to start if you have any issues with the pavements / road ramps. The picture below shows the concrete pavement the council laid to replace a grass verge so Emily could avoid using the road, with oncoming traffic, to exit our street.

Concrete path







  • Our cat, Lucy………there are some tales there!!!

Our Cat x

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