R + Royal Rehab Ryde

  • Royal Rehab (RR) located at Ryde.

Pictured below is the old building where Emily undertook her initial rehabilitation.  C5 spinal cord injury (SCI) results in an inability to regulate body temperate so quadriplegics feel the cold. This building is draughty but the wide verandas allowed the inmates to find a square of sunshine and bake like lizards am and pm. The wonderful staff make this place a home for our sad but essential transition to life as a wheelchair user and an everyday carer.

Royal Rehab (RR) located at Ryde  – Click here for Website

Thank you to everyone at Royal Rehab in Ryde, an essential service well done.

Old Royal Rehab Ryde

Royal Rehab based at Ryde recently moved to a wonderful new building. See below:

Royal Rehab Ryde

  • Renovations – expensive! I can only say that you have a lot of paperwork to receive funding for renovations.



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