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I am constantly excited about sport so wanted to share these articles and sites:

  • Adaptive Sports Clinic Encourages People with Disabilities – The clinic is aimed at providing education, support, and resources for those facing disabilities. Participants were able to try out equipment, take an adaptive yoga class, or hit the tennis court. Giving people a  chance to learn about all of the things they can do. “They can watch a lot of events, but this helps bring it to the point where they can participate, and then sometimes when they participate there’s not the equipment,” Physical Therapist Megan Andreson said. “They can try stuff out, instead of going out and buying something.” What a great resource.
  • Sport without adaptive gear! Read Quentin Smith “The freedom and simplicity of life without lots of stuff is liberating and really makes you realise life isn’t about stuff.”  Read here 
  • DiveSTARS Teaches Scuba Diving To Disabled
    – Read here
  • Land Meets Sea Camp In Long Beach To Give Sports To Disabled. The camp is aimed at those  who have suffered spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, spina bifida, developmental disabilities or other problems will have the chance to try water skiing, jet skis, sailing and canoeing or kayaking on the water. On land, there will be quad rugby, hockey, basketball and tennis as wheelchair sports, and a number of other activities. Read here 


  • photo 1 (6)Snorkel  – The Great Barrier Reef


  • Swimming – We use Sydney’s Ian Thorpe swimming pool but no hoist into hydro-pool to date only a pool chair.


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