Emily bought a kitten!

I set out to blog about balancing life as a carer for Emily after her spinal cord injury. Having worked hard to engender self-worth and purpose into Emily – facilitating her choices and furthering her opportunities I could hardly deny her a companion cat! So Emily bought a kitten!

Emily bought a kitten

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Melbourne Cup Strapper Normalcy

Melbourne Cup Strapper highlighted the normalcy of the differently-abled

Melbourne Cup Strapper, Stevie Payne, did a great job at this prestigious event. He was a fine example of a strapper. He delighted in his sister’s win and made a succinct speech of thanks on the presentation podium. I saw a dream come true for a girl and success for a hard working man.

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Independence after SCI.

A tradesman reminded me how tedious it is being stuck indoors. It reinforced Emily’s independence after SCI as she left the house to catch a wheelchair accessible bus (M30) to Sydney University leaving me behind.

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The Goods Line disability access

The Goods Line disability access intrigued me. Is it Sydney’s answer to New York’s High Line? Have you heard of The Goods Line or the High Line? Where does The Goods Line take us? Does The Goods Line improve disability access to anywhere in particular? Off we go to find out…. Continue reading

Barangaroo Disability Access

We woke up at the weekend to a stunning Sydney morning, the sky promising a glorious day ahead. With the sunshine warming our faces we enjoyed an eggy brunch in Walsh Bay followed by an impromptu stroll (to burn off the calories) around the newly opened Barangaroo headland park. Continue reading