Shocking news – How we coped

The images of London’s Westminster Bridge after the carnage wrought by a terrorist shocked me as did the images from Berlin (Dec 2016) and Cannes (July 2016). These news reports instantly take me back to when I got a call from a surgeon asking for permission to undertake surgery on my daughter, Emily, after a traumatic event.  Shocking news but we coped……

Shocking news - How we coped

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Carers on International Women’s Day

I was invited onto the ABC 702 Drive Show to talk to Chris Bath about my caring role. Our conversation highlighted the role of carers on International Women’s Day as 70% of primary carers in Australia are women. Have a listen to our discussion.

Carers on International Women's Day

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How do appliances know it’s Christmas and die?

How did the fridge know that we had 10 people for the holidays and, in a petulant response, died? The dishwasher saw the fridge expire and joined in  – dying in a puddle of leaking suds. Merry Christmas!


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Domestic abuse victims need resources

As a caregiver I write to facilitate wellbeing in the home but what if life crumbles into violence, domestic abuse victims need resources, information, respite and support. This is pertinent subject as the Royal Commission into Families Violence released a report with 277 recommendations…

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The irony is – carers must look after themselves!

In my attempt to connect and advocate for carers I am trying to master several social media forums. Last night I wondered if a tweet would translate as a wordpress post, would just a title be understood to be a stand alone comment? Continue reading

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Starting the revolution with honesty and ideas at CarersNSW Conference #carersnswconf

I don’t know any celebrities but if I had the opportunity I’d hang out with Chris Bath. Chris facilitated the plenary discussion at the CarersNSW Conference where I was invited as a carer representative. A natural gem, who better than Chris to aid the panelists deliver their stories and ideas to an audience of professionals, service providers and the extended care community.


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Raising funds and awareness for the differently-abled helps carers too! #City2Surf

I signed the form that Emily assertively presented to me and realized I was; chief supporter, responsible carer, sandwich maker and jelly bean monitor for her City2Surf team on Sunday, August 9th, 2015.

From Hyde Park the course is 14 km through to the finish line at Bondi. I have not been involved in previous races but you can’t live in Sydney without knowing about the City2Surf Heartbreak Hill. Discard any visions of weeping lovers as they are dumped along the wayside or broken-hearted couples clutching their heaving chests as they wave tearful, red-eyed farewells. No, Heartbreak Hill threatens the thigh and calf muscles of all the participants as it has a false summit. What appears to be the hill-top is actually only a corner on a continuing rise. The undulations that follow through residential streets keeps everyone literally on their toes!

As the ink dried on my signature I rushed to Google the race site. I had to deep breathe through my alarm as I read…… Elite Wheelchair Athletes: This Start Group is for elite wheelchair athletes only. Athletes must be in a racing chair to compete in this Start Group and who will aim to complete the course sub 38mins.

38mins!  SUB 38mins!

Let’s go back to the beginning – Emily wants to raise awareness and funds for ParaQuad. An organisation that supports people with spinal cord injury in the community. As a ParaQuad member Emily could apply and was granted a scholarship which she put towards her University fees. Returning to University was an important milestone within Emily’s recovery goals.

ParaQuad supports life choices after spinal injuries. It also supports carers because if it aids Emily, it aids me as her full-time carer. With increased  resources and support Emily is empowered with more independence heading towards a positive future with opportunities.

IMG_6572 (1)

On our first training session we averaged 5 km an hour so we should finish the City2Surf course  in 3 hours. Add in a sandwich and jelly bean pit stop and maybe a finish time of 3.5 hours would be more realistic. Does that help put the elite wheelchair athletes into perspective!

Emily and her mate Cobie are determined to push their way through and enjoy the success that comes with a challenge. If you would like to support them and their carers by donating to ParaQuad please see their everyday heroes site here


 Thank you from Emily, me and our track coach – The Big Black Beastie!




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