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Who are carers?

  • Carers are defined as people who provide unpaid personal care, support and assistance.
  • Carers include family members, friends, relatives, siblings or neighbours.  Carers who are grandparents or foster carers of a child are also included as carers.
  • All of these people are defined as carers regardless of the amount of care, support and assistance they provide.
  • Many people who are carers may not identify themselves as such and therefore remain ‘hidden’.
  • @everydaycaring is Online for all carers, 24/7.
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Carers longevity and strength is promoted by the support we receive.

Everyday Caring  – Objectives

  • Reduce social isolation of carers
  • Emotional support and reassurance
  • Implementation self care, fitness, health and wellbeing
  • Alleviate stress, promote relaxation techniques
  • Facilitate carers understanding of their role
  • Insight into practical aspects of care
  • Services available to carers
  • Advocate for carer up-skilling programs

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  1. Dear Emily,
    I hope this email finds you well.

    My name is Carmen Rotolo and I am from Randwick City Council.

    We are writing to inform you that Sydney’s Malabar Beach now has permanent wheelchair access as part of a project by Randwick City Council, the Lions Club and the Rainbow Club Australia.

    A 60-metre long specially designed mat has been installed over the sand providing easier access for wheelchair users to reach the water’s edge.

    Below is a link to an article about the mat for your convenience.

    We are thrilled to announce this news and can’t wait to see lots of people using the mat over the summer.

    Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

    Carmen Rotolo
    Assistant Communications Officer
    Randwick City Council

  2. Hello. I am interested in purchasing a book “Suddenly an everyday carer”. Could you please advise when it will be available and how (an email address??) I will be able to send through a purchase order.

    Many thanks

    • Dear Desley

      The book is available now as an e-book from this site and Amazon. Download the book and read on an iphone, ipod, ipad or kindle device.

      Thank you for your support as a great resource for carers and all proceeds to SpinalCure.


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