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Follow Me @Everyday Caring – like and share to raise awareness of carers and our issues. I write to facilitate resilience in the role. I advocate to skill-up carers as evidence shows it supports caregiving.

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Who are carers?

  • Carers are defined as people who provide unpaid personal care, support and assistance.
  • Carers include family members, friends, relatives, siblings or neighbours.  Carers who are grandparents or foster carers of a child are also included as carers.
  • All of these people are defined as carers regardless of the amount of care, support and assistance they provide.
  • Many people who are carers may not identify themselves as such and therefore remain ‘hidden’.
  • @everydaycaring is open to all carers, 24/7
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Everyday Caring Website Aims

An honest Website reporting the issues we experience and their impact – as carers longevity and strength is promoted by the support we receive.

Everyday Caring Website Objectives

  • Reduce social isolation of carers
  • Emotional support and reassurance
  • Implementation self care, fitness, health and wellbeing
  • Alleviate stress, promote relaxation techniques
  • Facilitate carers understanding of their role
  • Insight into practical aspects of care
  • Services available to carers
  • Advocate for carer up-skilling programs

Delivery of support.

Positive impact writing for our community, accessed 24/7, addressing active living, delivered Online @everydaycaring Website and :

Facebook – Rachel @everydaycaring

Instagram – rachel_everydaycaring

Twitter – @EverydayCaring

Follow Me @everydaycaring – add your email address to receive posts to your inbox, like and share to raise awareness and enlighten others to the issues of caregiving.

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  1. Hello. I am interested in purchasing a book “Suddenly an everyday carer”. Could you please advise when it will be available and how (an email address??) I will be able to send through a purchase order.

    Many thanks

    • Dear Desley

      The book is available now as an e-book from this site and Amazon. Download the book and read on an iphone, ipod, ipad or kindle device.

      Thank you for your support as a great resource for carers and all proceeds to SpinalCure.


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