These links are essential for spinal cord injury/ disability information. Reading these websites, understanding each organisation’s aims and objectives, I am in awe, humbled and grateful to the professionals and personalities that contribute to the enormous resources on offer below :

Essential Links :

  • Carer Gateway  Carer Gateway is a national online and phone service that provides practical information and resources to support carers. The interactive service finder helps carers connect to local support services. See here
  •  Christopher and Dana Reeve FoundationSee here 
  • Incharge – Our mission is to work with people to grasp the opportunity of self-direction. We do this by creating products, services and partnerships that make self-direction attractive and entirely possible to sustain into the longer term. – See here.
  • ParaQuad NSW exists to support people with a spinal cord injury to achieve their choices in life. ParaQuad provides specialized support services for people with a spinal cord injury and related physical disabilities.  Click here for details

    • BrightSky  – An enterprise of ParaQuad NSW, the Brightsky retail store provides the local community  with access to a wide range of specialist healthcare products, such as continence, wound care, nutrition and respiratory items. Located a 6 Holker Street Newington. Membership of ParaQuad provides a monthly supply of Movicol and Microlax.  See here
  • Scope – At Scope, we see people with a disability simply just as people. Scope seeks to understand who you are, to find out what matters most to you and support you to achieve it. We provide ‘Scope For People With A Disability’ to live the lives that they choose. Through our world-class research, services, education, communication resources and advocacy, Scope is continually identifying better opportunities to support each person with a disability to:
    • Make decisions about their own life
    • Get the right job, not just any job
    • Choose where and who they live with
    • Enjoy full participation in their community of choice
    • Live out their equal rights
    • See here 
  •  Spinal Cord Injury Australia (SCIA)  – Click here for details

    • SCIA Publications – View their latest recommendations –  Click here for details 
    • Finances  – Check Information from SCIA  –Click here for details 
    •  SCIA has respite accommodation at Breakfast Point, Sydney. The Beastie, pictured below, in the community garden. This accommodation is available through SCIA.
  • The Accessible Planet  – This website aim’s to become the complete guide to everything and anything accessible – for wheelchair users and those with reduced mobility. From personal experience – we understand the importance of what ‘wheelchair accessible’ involves and how sometimes it can be difficult to find.™ is growing every day and we are confident we will soon have everything that you need. Click here for details
  •  The Spinal Cord Injury Network is committed to improving recovery after injury, minimising disability and maximising quality of life through three goals. These are:

(i) to provide leadership for spinal cord injury research and treatment strategies

(ii) to facilitate more effective clinical trials in spinal cord injury and

(iii) to improve translation of basic and clinical research into evidence-based practice.

By improving communication and collaboration, the Spinal Cord Injury Network seeks to build greater capability in researching and treating spinal cord injury. See here 

  • SpinalCure –  SpinalCure Australia was founded in 1994 with the sole aim of finding a cure for spinal cord injury through the promotion and funding of medical research. Twenty years ago many still believed that cure to be an impossible dream. The advances resulting from two decades of research have brought us to a time when a solution to this devastating condition is accepted as inevitable.  Read more 


Other Links

  • Blogs to read include Alex’s  Where there’s a wheel there’s a way. The exciting adventures of a young powerchair user.

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    I am pleased to inform you that we have referenced your organisation on our new website,
    Lovlist is a non-profit organisation that aims to empower individuals and communities in their efforts to help others.

    Lovlist seeks to answer the question: How can I help?

    The Lovlist website:

    – Offers practical ways to help people in our lives who are suffering through loss, illness or other difficult circumstances.
    – Facilitates the sharing of ideas and information on how best to help those we seek to assist.
    – Provides the tools necessary for people looking to coordinate volunteers to help in times of need.
    – Directs users to trusted community and professional organisations, who are best placed to offer advice and services for people in need of assistance.
    If you would like to know more about Lovlist, or if you have any questions or concerns about links to your content, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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    • Thank you Lovlist for referencing Everyday Caring as a resource.

      Read more in my post – Everyday Caring referenced on Lovlist

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