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  • Stem Cell Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury – Beike Biotechnology 

    “The aim of our treatment is to regenerate the nerve cells that were damaged in patient’s spinal cord after the original injury by using stem cell transplantation. To do so, stem cells are injected in great quantity through IVs and lumbar punctures in order to better target the damaged area.

    Optionally and in addition to stem cell transplantation, we are providing a cutting edge epidural stimulation technology that helps electrical signals to bypass the injury site, thus easing the communication between the brain and body parts below the injury.” 

Although I have posted the above information I personally advocate for treatment in the country of residence.  I am posting this information not because I advocate we all travel for treatment but because the spinal cord injury community should initiate therapies at home enabling people to continue to work, study and be supported by their families whilst in recovery. 

Australians need treatment in Australia based on standardized procedures with measured outcomes. It is essential to have expertise locally available for every negative eventuality (infection or rejection) as well as robust programs of physiotherapy, all with continuity of care. There must be a documentation process so that treatment is evidence based and progressively researched with communication to other research treatment centres.

I post the information above as notification of what is available in other countries. 

  • National Public Toilet Map  – As part of the Australian National Continence Program, the Toilet Map provides information on over 16,000 publicly available toilets across Australia, including accessibility, opening hours and facilities, such as showers & baby change.
  • The city of Merriam became the first Midwest city to adopt a new symbol for accessible parking deemed more progressive than the stick figure in use since the late 1960s. The Accessible Icon Project (AIP) symbol features a figure leaning forward in a wheelchair rather than sitting back, suggesting people in wheelchairs are active, energetic, and capable. Candice Minear said “It’s a good move forward to remind people that we still want to be part of the community, no matter what our disability is,” Read more 
  • Disabled couple refused entry to nightclub win discrimination case. Read more 

  • Recent scientific advances are giving hope to spinal cord injury patients. Read more

  • Office etiquette for interacting with disabled coworkers. Read more

  • May 22 celebrates the 27th anniversary of the end of Rick Hansen‘s original Man In Motion World Tour. In this article, Hansen reminisces on the day that changed his life, the people who made a difference, the progress since then, and the challenges still faced by the physically disabled. Read more
  • Disabled want to make decisions for themselves. Read more 

  • was created after one family’s frustration over the lack of information on wheelchair friendly venues. It led them to create a ‘tripadvisor style’ local directory to share with others with accessibility needs. Read more  I added a review for Sydney
  • Smart Car for wheelchair users – read more and watch the video. Read more
  •  Disabled people attending Brazil’s World Cup: what’s the cost of dignity? Read more  – In the Mane Garrincha Stadium in Brasilia, where seven World Cup matches are going to occur, there were only 154 reserved seats for obese people (their words not mine) and those with reduced mobility, plus 156 places for wheelchairs. It is less than 1 % , since the stadium holds 71,000 people. Among the 12 new stadiums , the best prepared is Castelão, in Fortaleza, which is going to receive six World Cup matches: 2.4 % of seats are reserved for disabled people. 
  • Tacking Point surf club’s funding joyRead more  – Disabled access is on the way at Tacking Point Surf Life Saving Club thanks to a state government grant. Please can more surf life saving clubs tackle access issues.
  • Advocate wants to see all buildings accessible – accessible buildings don’t just help people with disabilities but others struggling to enter and leave, like mothers with baby strollers. It will benefit society as a whole if the problem of access is solved in the years ahead. Read the full article
  • Streetbikes, A project in Kirklees, United Kingdom, to help people take up cycling, is to take delivery of two wheelchair bikes for the benefit of disabled people – Read More – Read more
  • Disabled community in Christchurch, New Zealand fight for equal access -“If we get access right for people with disabilities, we get it right for everyone, including the elderly, parents with prams, and people moving heavy items. It’s time for the Government to step up and recognise access for everyone as a core requirement for buildings, both new and old.”  Read More here
  • Tweet inspires disabled access review – Read more here
  • TED talk by – Grégoire Courtine: The paralyzed rat that walkedSee here
  • ABC Radio Life Matters, presented by Natasha Mitchell ,charts and analyses contemporary Australian life, with a special focus on social policy, personal stories, and listener contributions.
    •  If you have an obvious disability, you’ve probably got used to people’s awkwardness, as they struggle with what to say, how to act, where to look. Often pre-conceived ideas or prejudices about difference have developed without them even realising. A Victorian initiative wants to help confront this awkwardness early on, at school. The Young Ambassadors program targets students in years 9 to 12 and is run by Scope, a non-profit disability provider in Victoria. The program combines study units with very practical opportunities for students with and without disabilities to actively work alongside each other.
    • Listen here to Walk a mile in my shoes – press Download Audio on this  page
    • Past programs  – disabilities – see here 
  • This All-Terrain Wheelchair could be ideal for rural wheelchair users. We were at Royal Ryde Rehab with a farmer – this could be of interest? – See news report here
  • UK  – Self-care: 3 Ways to care for someone with mental illness – See news report here
  • Wichita – Researcher focuses on the repair of spinal cords – see news report here
  • St Paul, Minnesota  – Summit to Sea Now Offers World’s First 40” Inch Wheel Chair accessible Portable Hyperbaric Chamber – The Grand Dive. See news report here  Hope this gets to The Great Barrier Reef soon!
  • Boston  – AbleRoad launches a Yelp for accessible places to aid people with disabilities  – See news report here 
  • Overhaul to disabled program at Disney World – See news report here

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