Raise tables and awareness

Emily and I were at a restaurant recently where the table-top was too low, it didn’t allow Emily’s powered wheelchair to get underneath. Four blocks of wood can solve this problem immediately, lifting the table up and making it accessible in an easy fix ….so let’s raise tables and awareness.

Raise tables and awareness

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Barangaroo Disability Access

We woke up at the weekend to a stunning Sydney morning, the sky promising a glorious day ahead. With the sunshine warming our faces we enjoyed an eggy brunch in Walsh Bay followed by an impromptu stroll (to burn off the calories) around the newly opened Barangaroo headland park. Continue reading

Be wheelie kind – don’t deny wheelchair users access. Let’s start a revolution of awareness.

The choices we make everyday define us as people. We actively display our attitudes, values and beliefs which reveal our strengths and weaknesses, our compassion and our integrity.Our choices are worn on our sleeves for all to observe. Continue reading

Limited access is 21st Century discrimination. Let’s get access then we can talk about the fun stuff…..

Another day dawns and another days news. I have noticed a repetitive thread within local and national reports – if the subject includes key words such as disability, spinal cord injury (SCI) or wheelchairs – the common issue highlighted is lack of access. As many media reports focus on this aspect of life regarding disability, the general public might think that this is all people with disabilities have to say and that saddens me as there is so much good stuff! Continue reading

On a fine night #stgeorgeopenair cinema is a delight for wheelchair users and their carers.

Emily and I were lucky enough to be invited to the open air cinema on Mrs Macquaries Point. I was reticent as I anticipated parking mayhem, a long walk/push to the venue. I expected issues with seating and difficulty accessing food and drinks. How wrong could I have been…….. I have to share that the evening was one of the most special events that Emily and I have attended. Continue reading

Have a look at what’s on in Sydney.

Emily and I have been venturing out even in this winter weather. We have been investigating new venues and revisiting old favourites. The NSW State Library is a handy meeting place on Macquarie Street as fairly central in Sydney and there’s a great little cafe, bathed in sunshine the day we went. Continue reading

A wheel-ie great destination – Singapore!

Singapore was our destination for a delightful respite from Sydney’s chilly winter as; constantly warm, mostly sunny with the odd dramatic thunderstorm and accompanying bolt lightning for show. Most impressive for us is Singapore’s wheelchair friendly!

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