I’m a Carer, Unpaid But Never Unkempt

I got up today and thought about our schedule, I mused on our appointments, car journeys and finally licked a finger, stuck it outside momentarily to assess the weather; wind direction, chill factor, air pressure, moisture levels – mmmm – a nice day.

I thought we might take ourselves up the road, ascending the steep exit slope of our Everest like street via the South Col Route favoured by Sir Edmond Hilary. I looked at my footwear, all neatly laid out ready to be selected, and thought runners would be the most practical.

We intended to pop into the post office, the bank, the supermarket and have coffee – what to wear? I remembered being at Royal Ryde Rehab on similar days wearing skirts, I love skirts, and my weakness for pretty flared, cotton print designs was responsible for many embarrassing M&S exposures. My range of lingerie is known to most of Ryde, every time I lent over to be useful my skirt would swirl around my waist, alarming me and bystanders! Today 3/4 jeans would be practical.

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