Only Through Honesty Can We Share and Support Each Other

I delayed publishing this post for two days as I queried why I  reveal my inner self to the world, why do I feel the necessity to roll over exposing my vulnerable under belly, exposing my human weaknesses as a post on a blog .

On Tuesday evening, while I contemplated publishing, I read my Facebook news where I follow the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation,  there I came upon a request for carers to complete a questionnaire. There were comments as I scrolled down to analyse the relevance of the post to me, a mother had written “it’s not even been 2 years (since the SCI) and I’m exhausted” then another, a partner of a paraplegic, asked for advise “as I’m at a loss and I’m terrified of the future.”

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My Past Hospital Experience Recalled

Emily’s first day post tendon transfer. I had anticipated her being drowsy after an anesthetic and surrounded by Dr’s, on ward rounds, and nurses, with rattling trolleys, all trying to assess her pain, progress and care needs. Visiting hours are posted as 11am to 8pm so with all of this in mind I booked myself a hair cut. Emily will return home in a day and I will have no time for a salon appointment.  I walked into the hairdressers feeling like a Yeti, I made an effort to relax, I closed my eyes during the head massage, enjoyed an extra hot coffee and unexpectedly met and chatted to my friend who had come to the parlor to book a date and time for her hair. 

All my good humor evaporated as I hunted for a space at RNSH multi storey car park , I was lucky I found a spot. Memories flooded back to me, I remember the devilishly difficult parking situation from being here last year as Emily recovered on Level 7. How could I have so quickly forgotten that detail, it seemed such an integral part of our visiting routine, getting to RNSH early to ensure a long stay bay. Surprising how promptly I’d left hospital memories behind.

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