Limited access is 21st Century discrimination. Let’s get access then we can talk about the fun stuff…..

Another day dawns and another days news. I have noticed a repetitive thread within local and national reports – if the subject includes key words such as disability, spinal cord injury (SCI) or wheelchairs – the common issue highlighted is lack of access. As many media reports focus on this aspect of life regarding disability, the general public might think that this is all people with disabilities have to say and that saddens me as there is so much good stuff! Continue reading

You Don’t Need to Go Far to Have an Adventure

An Adventure in a day

Emily and I set out for lunch in a local cafe. Our trip took on a life of its own as we headed up the steep slope out of our road. It was like climbing in the Himalayan Mountains with the warming sun to our backs and the spring flowers just loosing their bloom. After our successful ascent of the South Face of Annapurna .We reached Barry the Butcher in good shape, we passed the Parisian quarter with the French bakery to our left, its flags fluttering in their plant pots, onward towards Tasty Thai. We didn’t stop as we were on a mission, tracking up and down pavements as intrepid explorers of un-navigated terrain.  At one point we left the beaten path and ventured onto the road to escape the moguls formed by a trees over zealous stretch. We squeezed through narrow straits formed by a road crash barrier and electrical sub station junction box, with not an inch of comfort.

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