Life Reimagined – An exhibition running till June 30th

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Cover girl Emily advertising Imagine Me – a project that allows people with spinal cord injury to express themselves through a self-portrait created using new photographic technology.

Imagine Me project artist and facilitator Sue Murray has worked with each individual, even if artists could only use a mouth stick they were able to control aspects of the camera. Sue said “It’s great to be around people who have overcome disability – it’s very inspiring. It’s what you can do and not about what you can’t do – this is about enabling and empowering people”

The collection of images is as varied as the individuals; from Game of Thrones, words from the Beatles and one portrait  inspired by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring. Each portrait has a paragraph from the artist, the combination of words and picture give a glimpse of the person who created the work of art.

The images displayed in this exhibition are all inpactual, some are reflective, all are beautiful, many reveal the unexpected and also the artists cheeky sense of fun. I felt honored that each participant had let me see something special, just briefly I was allowed an insight into their inner strength, their imagination and their personalities shine through for all to see.

The exhibition runs till June 30th at the Dougherty Centre, 7 Victor Street, Chatswood.

Monday to Friday, 8.30am and Saturdays at 11am.

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