On a fine night #stgeorgeopenair cinema is a delight for wheelchair users and their carers.

Emily and I were lucky enough to be invited to the open air cinema on Mrs Macquaries Point. I was reticent as I anticipated parking mayhem, a long walk/push to the venue. I expected issues with seating and difficulty accessing food and drinks. How wrong could I have been…….. I have to share that the evening was one of the most special events that Emily and I have attended. Continue reading

#OnTrend in the garage!

It’s approaching Emily’s third anniversary as a wheelchair user. Life doesn’t suddenly become easier we just subtly manage our situation with more knowledge, acceptance and realism as time passes.

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Returning to Royal Rehab to swim or should I say aquatic physiotherapy!

In 2012 Emily was resident in the old rehabilitation building, at the top of the hill on Morrison Road so the newly opened Royal Rehabilitation Unit based in Ryde is a palace in comparison. Continue reading

What healthy options are there when eating out?

Today we decided on a vegetarian curry for dinner using fresh ingredients, recipe below. Cooking healthily for Emily, and my family, is always uppermost in my mind when meal planning. I think about nutrition and calories as Emily needs lots of vitamins and minerals with only 1200 calories (5000 Kilojoules) a day. Eating enough food to provide valuable energy without excess which would lead to weight gain. Emily, as a wheelchair user, has to be more careful than others not to consume more than she requires. At home I can cook with fresh ingredients and limit processed foods, sugar and salt but what healthy options exist when we are out and about in restaurants?

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