Emily’s second hand surgery has been easier, let’s hope it’s as successful!

I have to publish this post before I forget how we have managed with Emily’s cast. The operation to address tenodesis was on December 9th with the original bulky white cast being replaced by a lightweight purple cast the following week. We were on the bus into town minutes after the vividly coloured, ‘punching fist’ cast had dried, well, it was the week before Christmas and a girl has to shop!

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Emily’s surgery for tenodesis

Emily had surgery this week. A complex rearrangement of muscles and tendons in her right arm that will allow her to lift her wrist upward and to position her thumb for an effective pinch and some grip. Continue reading

A Helper At Home

Day two post surgery. Apart from the enormous cast on Emily’s arm, she was feeling tired. Hospital are not renowned for good food or being peaceful places of rest. The food may be edible but it is never exactly what you fancy. Rest is disrupted by the multitude of professionals; doctors, nurses, cleaners, the trolley lady and the physios, probably visiting others in the ward, but their conversations all audible. It is worse at night. Noises are amplified, patients are disoriented and call for assistance, sleep is at best disturbed.

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