Accessible Sydney – Luxury Resort Sargood on Collaroy

The spotlight was on accessible Sydney – luxury resort Sargood on Collaroy – newly built for people living with spinal injury. The Channel 9, Today show, filmed throughout the accessible accommodation interviewing residents and staff at this fabulous resource. Emily talked to Sylvia Jeffreys. Link below to the Today show….

Accessible Sydney - Luxury Resort Sargood on Collaroy

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On a fine night #stgeorgeopenair cinema is a delight for wheelchair users and their carers.

Emily and I were lucky enough to be invited to the open air cinema on Mrs Macquaries Point. I was reticent as I anticipated parking mayhem, a long walk/push to the venue. I expected issues with seating and difficulty accessing food and drinks. How wrong could I have been…….. I have to share that the evening was one of the most special events that Emily and I have attended. Continue reading

Progress this year shows Emily blossom into post trauma independence and I celebrate !

Today is the anniversary of my 1st blog. I thought it fitting to reflect on the year; Emily’s progress, the subtle changes that experience has delivered to Emily and me, the evolution of our separate short and long-term goals. Continue reading

Science to overcome SCI needs inspiration

I was in Barcelona recently at the Picasso museum, impressed by this revolutionary artist. He experimented with ideas and design, colour and shapes. He altered our perception of objects and our interpretation of faces and bodies. He had the original thought that comes to geniuses.He reinvented art and it’s form.

photo 4 (3)

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Returning to Royal Rehab to swim or should I say aquatic physiotherapy!

In 2012 Emily was resident in the old rehabilitation building, at the top of the hill on Morrison Road so the newly opened Royal Rehabilitation Unit based in Ryde is a palace in comparison. Continue reading

Sing in the rain!

So here I am at the Singapore Grand Prix. I know nothing about cars and absolutely nothing about F1 but I am addicted to the noise, the shiny roller skate vehicles and the extreme speed. I think there is some thing raw about watching powerful cars race. I surprise myself by loving F1 and yet I couldn’t recall any detail of our family car.

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