Everyday Caring Cookies

I recently shared the best cookie recipe as divinely easy and delicious. I want to revisit this recipe as I have been working to make cooking smaller batches easier as we all want to be liberated from anything that becomes a chore.

Everyday Caring Cookies

I make these cookies using Bill Granger’s recipe from his Everyday cookbook. These oatmeal and raisin/ choc chip cookies are so delicious and versatile – I bake a small quantity and pop the remaining uncooked dough into a Ziplock bag in the fridge so later in the week we can enjoy another small batch of fresh-baked cookies that are warm and fresh!

The refrigerated dough in the ziplock bag needs 20 mins on the counter to soften before I pull off chunks and form them into cookie shapes on the baking tray. It is not ideal to repeatedly return the unused portion of the dough to the fridge so I have been experimenting!

Experiment One. I rolled the dough into a sausage shape, wrapped it in clingfilm, before refrigeration so that, at a later date, I could cut cookies from the end without warming the dough up. The cookies tasted the same but cutting the dough across the oats looked unappetizing.

Everyday Caring Cookies


Experiment Two. Use several little Ziplocks with the uncooked dough divided into smaller quantities,  just enough in each individual bag for a modest batch. This ensures cookie mixture never has to return to the fridge. This method wins as cookies remain aesthetically appealing and quantities are stored in sufficient amounts for a few delicious cookies without compromising all of the uncooked dough. I have neat little cookie packages in the fridge ready to go in 20 mins.

Recipe here

Everyday Caring CookiesDisclaimer : No animals were involved during our experimentation, we ate all the cookies ourselves!

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