Why stare at the wheelchair, it’s the carer that’s odd…..

I thought I was normal but this week I found out I am not. I undertook an impromptu shopping mall health scan in-between the salad and diary aisle. Apparently my left leg is shorter than my right leg, my right shoulder higher than my left, I have some spinal scoliosis that a banana would be proud to display. I returned home to disclose these details to my family while I unpacked our groceries. It is a wonder that I manage in my crooked skeleton?  But manage I do and I actually feel very well contrary to reports dwelling on my short left leg.

The more I learn of the human body the more it amazes me. Human differences are infinitesimal; the range of eye, skin and hair colour. We are a wide range of short to tall, thin to fat, hairy to bald, healthy to not so healthy individuals. We live transient lives shifting in-between fitness and flu, losing hair and gaining weight, getting our teeth filled, our hair cut and our spectacles re-viewed. We are constantly altering and aging.

The fact is we are all individual, we suffer with short left legs, grumbling appendix and irritable bowels, we have cold sores and heat stroke. We have tennis elbow, gardeners knee, cauliflower ears and dogs breath. In days gone-by I would have been totally unaware that I was unfortunately walking around with a short left leg! When I consider the range and variations of normal within the human race it amazes me that people still stare at wheelchairs? I am definitely more odd than Emily but the wheelchair still draws a crowd.

photo 2 (30)Beastie suggested I join the circus!


2 thoughts on “Why stare at the wheelchair, it’s the carer that’s odd…..

  1. Rachel I am enjoying your excellent writing so very much. Whilst very entertaining, the subtly of the message is very clever and powerful. It’s very enlightening and I am so grateful to have such a valuable site to refer the families of patients that continue to come through our service. I love Beastie and his contributions. Many thanks for this insightful and valuable site. Regards to exquisite Emily, and to yourself. Keep it coming! Helen Tonkin

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